Have you considered using exercise and sports as a way to balance your life? If not, it is something you should seriously think about.  Taking part in some type of sport can help you in many ways. First it allows you to take a break from your hectic day. Exercise is good for your mind as well as your body, it refreshes and reenergizes you. Participating in sports is a fantastic way to keep your stress levels at bay. Plus while you are exercising you have time to think about your day and plan it out.  Another reason why you should start adding some type of sporting activity into your life is that it can become a family affair. One of the biggest problems for families today is that everyone is running around at warp speed. Taking time out to do sports together is a great way to make sure you spend enough time with your family. The best way to ensure this happens regularly is to schedule your sporting time on your family calendar. Plus make it a priority.  Sports that you can do to help balance your life include swimming, walking, running, skating, cycling, dancing and even things like taking part in a family cross-fit class. Adding sports into your life is beneficial for all family members. Even young children and especially teenagers can be dealing with a ton of stress. They may feel pressured into performing well at school and then add peer and social pressure on top of this. The rate of suicide amongst teenagers is at an all time high!  Sports can help everyone to relax and to just have fun. Whatever sport you choose it doesn’t have to be a competitive one. Making it fun for every family member is important. You could even set up an obstacle course in your backyard and have timed runs. Younger children could have easier obstacles and don’t forget to have some type of prize at the end! A free movie pass to see a movie of their choice is a great idea. If you are feeling extremely stressed out then you may want to take up something like yoga. This is a fantastic way to help your body and your mind

relax. There are many types of yoga available and not all involve deep meditation.  So why not think about adding some type of sporting activity into your life and make it an event your entire family can enjoy.